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 An useful review

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KomentarNaslov komentara: An useful review   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:44 pm

Hello. First of all, thank you for responding.Originally posted by Ripper: But like attar says, if you have troubles with NTSC format video files then it is more than likely your media. Okay, maybe I should be more clear on the media.My media burns normal discs just fine. I have no problems with that. I can play them back. I can very easily make a working copy of a DVD I have. No skipping. So I have a hard time seeing how a specific media will burn some discs, just not all. If you know of a reason why some media will burn a US region DVD but not a Russian DVD, let me know. Otherwise, the media is not my problem.Originally posted by Ripper: FYI, region coding isn't directly related to video format (PAL/NTSC); as has been mentioned, region coding is removed so the files are then compatible with any region locked players, but the format of video must correspond to the country you're in (some dvd players will play anything anyway I think, but it's always easiest to use what is standard). Yeah, anything local I rip to hard drive today, as I said, no problem. Of course, if I make it region free, my Sony player doesn't like it, but such is life. I opt to keep it US-region so it will play in both my Sony and my Panasonic. My trouble seems to be when I take a DVD from another country, decode it, then burn it to US region. I guess I'll just have to expect that it's not going to work when I do that.Originally posted by Ripper: Are you converting the .avi files before you burn them to disc, or just burning them as data to play them off the standalone? If you are converting the .avi files, you should be using NTSC format or 23.976 fps (frame rate) - good software includes ConvertXtoDVD, or SUPER (free). Very good question. As far as my old AVI files are concerned, I've gone back and checked, and now recall that another problem (and the one that originally frustrated me) with those was something else; Some of my AVI's actually play okay, but I was getting a double-letterbox that was really annoying (the black area top and bottom each split into 2 different shades of black, for 4 annoying black stripes total), it had to do with the software I was using. I had forgotten about that. But then I'll run into an AVI where it doesn't play except on my Panasonic. I will check out ConvertXtoDVD and SUPER for those. Also though I will see if they can do anything for my old files that haven't been working.Thank you all so much for your help.
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An useful review
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